Copywriting & Adaptation

I offer creative copywriting of advertising and marketing content into Bulgarian, as well as adaptation of international copy for the local market.

Contrary to popular belief, “copywriting” doesn’t have much to do with “copyright”. It means writing creative linguistic content, or a “copy”, for online and/or printed materials, in order to inform and raise interest in a target audience, and possibly stimulate them to try or buy a product or service.

“Adaptation”, in this case, means taking an original creative copy and transforming it in a way that would make sense to the target audience in a specific market. It involves making sure the copy is easy to understand, does not offend anyone, gets the point across, and sounds relatable to the target audience in the target country. A well-adapted copy would look and feel, as if it was originally conceived in the target language, rather than the source.

Copywriting and Adaptation
If you happen to need an original copy written by me, or adapted in Bulgarian, please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, you can go back and see all my services, or go ahead and view my experience.