I am currently a member of the following professional organizations:

My creed is that intensive work leads to extensive experience.

As you can see from the services I offer, I work in a variety of language-related areas. My number one work skill, in terms of experience, is translation. As a translator, I have several key areas of specialization, where I have worked the most, and where I am most confident in my expertise. If you’d like to know more details about my specialist areas, my experience with other linguistic services, as well as some projects and clients that I’ve worked for, please see those below.

I’m sure that your time is valuable, so if you would just like to scan through the page, the essentials are accented in bold for your convenience.


My fields of best expertise are listed below. Please click on any field that you would like to know more about.

IT Translation & Localization

My area of best expertise with more than 2,500,000 words in it. That includes: translation and localization of (user interfaces, software, menus, applications, help files, user guides, owner’s manuals, troubleshooting guides, press releases and marketing texts) for (laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, PC systems, components and peripherals, as well as various other types of digital electronic equipment such as camerasprinters, scanners, all-in-one devices, et cetera). This includes my broad translation experience in the field; for more information about my specific experience with software and video game localization, please see Localization below.

Marketing & Advertising Translation

200,000+ words of marketing and advertising copy, press releases and other similar materials, mostly for mobile phones and smartphones, digital equipment, household appliances, motorcycles, and sports watches. This only includes my translation experience in the field; for more information about my experience with copywriting and copyediting, please see Copywriting & Adaptation below.

Human Resources, Staff Training & Ongoing Education

380,000+ words of employee training materials, HR management policies, company policies, workflow descriptions, procedure manuals, et cetera.

Legal Translation

280,000+ words, consisting of: end-user license agreements, privacy policies, terms and conditions, warranties, disclaimers, company policies, compliance statements, title deeds, laws and regulations, et cetera.

Medical Translation

300,000+ words: IFUs (Instructions for Use) of medical devices, safety sheets, specs, documents for clinical trials, studies, clinical questionnaires, individual medical history records, assessments, etc.

Technical Translation

350,000+ words of user guides, owner’s manuals and specifications for various products. That includes a very broad range of products, from consumer electronics like sports watches, household appliances (vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, fans, electric kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) through items like above-ground pools and inflatable mattresses, to industrial machines like printing presses and heavy machinery such as combine harvesters, pipelayers, tractors, pavers, et cetera.

Government & Public Service Translation

180,000+ words of texts related to public service announcements, policies, FAQs and awareness campaigns for healthcare, education, social welfare, et cetera, mostly for government bodies in the United Kingdom.

Automotive Translation & Localization

340,000+ words: automobile owner’s manuals, user guides, service manuals, service bulletins, troubleshooting guides, diagnostics software.

Other & General Translation and Localization

250,000+ words of various materials, texts, documents and papers for companies and individuals, which are hard to classify in any of the fields above, ranging from business letters and journalist articles through toy manuals to private school brochures.

Literary Translation


  • Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Private Lives, 1999
  • Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Gameprey, 2000
  • Perri O’Shaughnessy, Motion to Suppress, 2002
  • Richard Bach, Air Ferrets Aloft, 2002
  • Richard Bach, Rescue Ferrets At Sea, 2002
  • Paul Kearney, The Heretic Kings, 2003
  • Dan Millman, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, 2003


  • Vladimir Zarev & Elisaveta Loginova, The Light of Akasha, 2003


Please click on any of the headings for more information.

Software Localization

The following list includes software suites and applications, which I have fully or partially localized into Bulgarian.

  • Acer Empowering Technology
  • Adobe Creative Suite 3
  • Smartphone apps for ASUS
  • BRAdmin Light, peripherals management software
  • Cellebrite, mobile forensics software
  • CheckPoint Connectra, web security solution
  • CyberLink PowerDVD Player, a DVD player application
  • CyberLink PowerDirector, video editing software
  • Egis Option Pack for Acer Empowering Technology
  • The Lenovo suite of software for Lenovo laptops
  • Smartphone apps for Lenovo
  • Lumesse human capital management software

Website Localization

I have worked on the localization (mostly as Bulgarian localization lead) of the following websites:

  • www.disney.bg – Disney Channel’s official Bulgarian website
  • www.electrolux.bg – Electrolux’s Bulgarian website for home appliances
  • www.harley-davidson-sofia.bg – Harley-Davidson‘s Bulgarian website
  • www.hotelscombined.com – the world’s largest hotel meta-search engine
  • www.nokia.bg – Nokia’s Bulgarian website
  • www.qatarairways.bg – Qatar Airways‘ Bulgarian website
  • www.regus.bg – the website of a large office-leasing company
  • www.samsung.bg – Samsung‘s Bulgarian website
  • The website of a medical services organization
  • Web-based software interface for clients of Nextlinx Corporation
  • A Microsoft website for education
  • A Microsoft website interface for Microsoft vendors
  • The websites of two other airline carriers

Localization for Gaming

Video games are another area, in which I have worked extensively. I consider this field to be a great combination of work and leisure. My total word count in it so far is more than 1,000,000 words.

  • User manual and game guide localization with on-site beta-testing for Blizzard Entertainment’s major title StarCraft II
  • Ongoing localization and QA for Game of War: Fire Age, the world’s largest multiplayer strategy game
  • Localization of popular browser game titles Empire: Four Kingdoms, Legends of Honor, Big Farm, Shadow Kings
  • QA and bug testing of the localization of Microsoft‘s Minesweeper, Solitaire, Taptiles and Mahjong for Windows 8 and 10
  • Localization of a number of Flash games for Disney Online
  • Localization of Hellforces, a first person shooter
  • Localization of Battlemages, a role-playing strategy
  • Localization of The Three Musketeers, an arcade action game
  • Localization QA and review for Deponia, a point-and-click adventure game

Copywriting, Transcreation & Adaptation

I have worked on copywriting, transcreation, and adaptation for more than 50 advertising campaigns from English into Bulgarian. They have included web copy, print materials, TV and radio spots, interactive online campaigns, keyword and search engine optimization. Some of my clients for this type of work have been renowned brands like:

  • Rolex (video spots adaptation)
  • Nikon (web copy adaptation)
  • Infiniti (web copy and TV spots adaptation)
  • Hilton (SEO and keywords adaptation)
  • HTC (web copy and box packaging adaptation)
  • Turkish Airlines (TV spots adaptation)
  • Dyson (copyediting for videos and web copy)
  • Betfair (TV spots, radio spots and print copy)
  • Colgate-Palmolive (TV spots adaptation) and others.

Subtitling & Captioning

A total of more than 35,000 minutes of running time, equal to 400,000+ subtitles. That includes:

  • More than 70 feature films, including titles like Taxi Driver, A Streetcar Named Desire, Se7en, Shogun, Star Trek, The Thin Red Line, Edward Scissorhands, Alfie, The Interpreter, The Philadelphia Story, Daredevil, Lovely Bones, and many others;
  • Dozens of seasons of TV shows such as Lost, E.R., Friends, The X-Files, Damages, Blood+, Hellsing, Afterworld, Fullmetal Alchemist, El Internado, Soul Eater, et cetera. The subtitle count also includes hundreds of thousands of subtitles for series, mini-series and documentaries for channels Viasat Explorer, Viasat History, National Geographic, TV 1000, AXN, Animal Planet, and Discovery
  • 3 years of subtitling the European Parliament’s WebTV channel for young audiences.

I have also subtitled individual features and documentaries from Bulgarian into English for film festivals and screenings.

Interpreting & Transcription

  • More than 600 hours of interpreting experience as an escort interpreter for US government and military personnel in Bulgaria.
  • More than 120 hours of consecutive interpreting experience for the American College of Sofia.
  • Transcription of 1500 minutes of Bulgarian phone conversations.

Thanks for your interest in my work experience. If you’re interested further, you can see some of my clients here, or you could get in touch with me here.