To the left, you can see some of the end clients that I’ve worked for over the years.

Below, you can see some quotes from project managers that I’ve collaborated with. Out of respect for their privacy (and due to non-disclosure agreements), I have anonymized them down to a first name and a country. Still, these are all actual, unedited excerpts from emails I have received for my work. I keep all my positive feedback in a special folder that really warms my freelancing heart during rainy days 🙂

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you again soon!”
– Nicole, NY, USA

“You are the best!”
– Martyna, Poland

“FANTASTIC!! Thank you SO much for your help Pavel”
– Andrea, MN, USA

“Thank you Pavel 🙂 You are a lifesaver!!”
– Robert, UK

“Dear Pavel, You’re a darling.[…] I will tell the other Project Managers how lovely you are”
– Alice, UK

“Pavel! you angel you!!! thank you so much”
– Sarah, UK

– Pamela, CA, USA

“OMG, that was really really fast!”
– Sharon, Israel

“We have always received excellent feedbacks of your work […] You are our approved and trusted partner and we appreciate working with you. We […] consider you an amazing translator”
– Izabela, Poland

“We are always receiving really good feedbacks from your translation”
– Jose Antonio, Belgium

“That’s great! You are excellent!”
– Connie, Hong Kong

“We are extremely happy with the work you do on [client] and look forward to working with you continuously on this client.”
– Gemma, UK

“Thank you very much for the good work!”
– Ramona, UK

“We’ve always been happy with the work you provided”
– Vincent, Belgium

“Your Ad copies are doing rather well, by the way […] As always, such a plesure working with you”
– Laura, UK

“Wow! You are amazing! Thank you for returning the translations so quickly.”
– Cat, MN, USA

“The proofreader has checked your translation 3 times and couldn’t find anything to correct – that’s a really great job! :D”
– Malgorzata, UK

“It is always very nice to work with you.”
– Kumiko, France

“That was speed of the sound quick! :o)”
– Alexandra, Poland

“Hi Pavel, This is brilliant, and exactly what we were looking for!”
– Sara, UK

“Great, thanks a lot, always a pleasure to work with you.”
– Tomasz, Poland

“Dear Pavel, thank you for a shockingly quick delivery”
– Maja, Poland

“You are the best! Thank you Pavel”
– Sergey, UK

“Hi Pavel, you’re a star, thank you very much”
– Nora, UK

“Thanks a million Pavel, you’re pure gold! You’ve been doing an amazing job! (to be honest, you’re probably my star translator – and I have quite a few markets)”
– Charles, UK

“We are all very glad and happy that you are our supplier over the years and supply us in a very professional and kind way.”
– Konrad, Poland

“We’re very happy with the quality delivered as well as with your excellent communication.”
– Audrey, UK

“I am happy when my clients are happy.”
– Pavel, Bulgaria

Pavel Constantinov